I won't pretend
to understand
the movement of the wind
or the waves in the ocean
or how like the hours
I change softly
oh me
oh my!

This week Food Not Bombs was donated: zucchini. We serve in three hours.

Time to get creative.

“In general, new medicine spawns a life-style which stands against the luxuries and palliatives of modern materialism. This made it attractive to the veterans of sixties’ left-wing politics, who then radicalized the new medicine. As it became clear that it was impossible to overthrow the system and that the system had gotten into one’s guts and cells, the important thing became to change one’s self, to make one’s self into a new person, an actual revolutionary who purges the somatic-psychic fact of having been born and raised in the belly of the giant.”

—Planet Medicine by Richard Grossinger (1980)

“The galaxies themselves are huge “beasts,” engaging in copulations billions of years long, extended through the very fabric of time and space, separated from us by a mere peristaltic membrane, that also connects us to them.
Spiral nebulae come from the encounters of vast orgone fields; their arms flung out are an embrace which hangs, for us at least, as though in eternity. Our own embraces occur within this field, repeating its structure, even as the cells within us fuse, exchange, and divide. A single event defines nature.
Two structureless, unformed streams approach, penetrate, and superimpose themselves on each other, relieving the inner tension in the merger and fusion, concentrating and forming a unified galactic system, within which microsuperimposition will form planetary systems and intraworldly systems of life. Individual sperm and egg will continue to penetrate and generate cells and new life. Cell division will follow the orgasm rhythm: tension, charge, discharge, relaxation. The functional unity is unbroken.
Human beings are the result, ultimately but fundamentally, of love—eros—expressed between halves of galaxies. In their embrace is the human embrace.”

—Richard Grossinger describing Wilhelm Reich’s theories of orgone, in Planet Medicine: From Stone Age Shamanism to Post-Industrial Healing.

“The kinds of fees doctors have come to expect, after years of medical training, are not possible from the treatment of headaches and digestive difficulties; many doctors have found it demeaning to be asked to solve these personal cases, so they are dealt with in depth only by psychoanalysis, where they are linked with neuroses and other personality disorders that are prestigious and lucrative enough to treat. Only by becoming mental illness can chronic disease get respect. Even then, it is treated physically by psychotropics and turned back to the fashions and progress of the drug industry. If there were anything significant in Hahnemann’s [father of homeopathic medicine] progression of chronic ailments, modern medicine is in no position to discover it, let alone test it.”

—from Planet Medicine: From Stone Age Shamanism to Post-Industrial Healing, by Richard Grossinger

“Authorities have told our volunteers that they can share food but not have a banner or literature. The authorities have also sent informants to volunteer to bring the banner and literature and discard them in a dumpster on the way to the meal. When this fails they will arrest the volunteers for having a banner and flyers even though this is protected under the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”

—From this very long piece by Food Not Bombs about decades of police harassment and violence, subtitled “Solidarity Not Charity.” My comics and the dysfunctional SF Civic Center meal both get a little shout-out. I think the author felt sorry for me. (via susie-c)



Don’t even know what to say… Felt like I was watching a comedy sketch of Pacific Blue. Can’t. Be. Real. Haha.

 thebig guy with no hair is my buddy pete

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junips000 asked: thank you so much for the advice. i think our best bet would be to get a truck to camp out at one place. there's no park i can think of but i'm looking forward to scouting for a spot. your experience was very much helpful, are you still involved?

yeah. my fiance and i have been traveling the last few months, hitchhiking from CA to NYC for occupy wall st, but we came back for the holidays so i’m helping while i’m here with food not bombs (they need it!) and dumpster diving as much as i can for occupy long beach. but i’ll be hitting the road again january 10th (got court in NY because of the raid :/). But yeah, still cooking and serving every friday and a few other times. we just made a fat batch of food for the activists at the port shut down the other day, which was fun. feeding protesters at local actions is definitely another good way to spread the word.

Chemtrails over Occupy Wall St (finally made it here three days ago)

Chemtrails over Occupy Wall St (finally made it here three days ago)


Occupier takes down Fox News Reporter (of course report does not make it to air…thus far…)

Police joking about beating #occupywallstreet protesters in law enforcement forum.


Those are great, the creaming kids are a hoot. I’m going to watch some more during football breaks. I’d love to see fire hoses employed, it would clean them up and clear the streets and sidewalks for traffic. We’d miss out on the entertainment though.”

Yeah…I love how the chick just falls to her knees and starts screaming! I saw a guy do that when I went through the OC instructors course…it wasnt pretty”



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